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3 tips for fixing discolored tile grout – Floor Tiles Cape Town

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Has your grout discoloured? or is it Moulding? Are you frustrated with how even with all your cleaning products it just gets worse over time? You basically have three ways to approach this problem, and hopefully, you’ll have good luck with one of the first two options, before you’re forced to go with the third.Floor Tiles Cape Town

Not on our suggestion list would be to put new tile over the existing shower floor. In all our years working on tile showers, we have never seen putting new tile right on top of the existing tile used as a successful option.

Here are our three suggestions.

Tip #1:

Never assume that you’ve tried everything when it comes to tile-cleaning products. I once had a similar accident with a tile floor in my sunroom. I thought that I had “tried everything” until I consulted employees at a local tile-supply house. They gave me a small amount of special cleaner that was only sold in bulk. It worked and the floor looked new. So, actually make a trip to a professional tile distributor in your area with a photo of your shower floor. Maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll sell you a strong professional cleaning solution.

Tip #2:

You may be able to chip out or grind out all the discoloured grout from between the tiles. Once you carefully remove and clean out the grout, you may be able to totally regrout the floor. Just be careful not to crack the tiles, or disturb the shower pan membrane.

Tip #3:

Unfortunately, if nothing else worked, this may be your only choice left. Hire a professional to break out the tile floor, grout and concrete “mud” base from the shower pan. Once the pan and drain are determined to be in good shape, a new shower floor can usually be installed without disturbing the walls.

While the first two options are relatively inexpensive, the last option can be a bit pricey. If you go with tip #3, request price quotes first before you seal any deal.

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