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3D Glazed Ceramic Tiles | Tiles For Sale Johannesburg

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As interior design trends become more mainstream, homeowners see renovations and upgrades to their properties as opportunities to let their homes reflect who they are as people. From redefining a homes’ layout to choosing their tiles, everything serves a purpose and helps them achieve their ideal look and mood, be it classic, sophisticated, fun, rustic, or modern.Tiles For Sale Johannesburg

When using tiles for a design purpose, especially if you want to create a feature wall or focal point to a specific room, 3D glazed ceramic tiles are the way to go. With glossy or matt finishes, you are sure to find the ideal textured tile option for your project.


The process of making glazed ceramic tiles traditionally involves wet clay being sculpted into shape and then fired in a kiln. The glaze, a layer of glass that protects the tile and makes it more resistant, has to be ‘baked’ at temperatures greater than 1000 degrees Celsius in order to fully adhere to the tile biscuit. Nowadays, thanks to evolving tile technologies, ceramic tiles can be created with three-dimensional folds, wavy ridges, and asymmetrical profiles which provide a unique design aesthetic to inspire your space.

When it comes to 3D tile designs, you must think big. It’s not only about the look of each individual tile, but rather how they will look like fitted together on a wall.

3D Glazed Ceramic Tiles | Tiles For Sale Johannesburg - Tilespace Johannesburg


We recommend you pick glazed ceramic 3D tiles with attractive and interesting textures, but also to keep in mind the shades they produce, as these will create the depth which gives the wall the seamlessly sculpted look that will give your home an incredible interior design feature.

These tiles are still considered a new and daring trend, so they are most commonly seen in commercial spaces, but done right they can add a lot of personality to your home.

As three-dimension capabilities evolve, the potential options available to homeowners are endless. With new shapes, textures, patterns, designs, and cuts becoming available over time, we believe 3D tiles are here to stay.

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