There is no shortage of materials, colours, textures and designs to choose from when it comes to tile flooring. Not every type of tile is suitable for every space, however. Here are 4 tips to select the best option when it comes to your floor tiles.Floor Tiles Cape Town

1. Pay attention to the porosity of the tiles

Porosity is another critical feature not to be missed. The ratio of air holes to solids in a tile that affects the amount of water it absorbs is determined. Pay close attention to this rating if you do the installation in a moisture-prone area such as a bathroom, kitchen, mudroom, laundry room.

2. Ensure resistance to slipping

Most tile materials tend to be slippery if the water is included in the equation, and even more so. If you have kids and the elderly in the house, installing slip-resistant tile is very important. The bathroom is a prime location for fall accidents, especially the shower area, so it is highly recommended to have good slip resistance. When shopping around for a shower floor tiles, look for products with a high COF (coefficient of friction). It is best to install tile sizes that are 4×4 or smaller. Avoid using ones that are bigger than 6×6.

3. Instead of using Real Hardwood, choose Ceramic Wood Tile

If you love hardwood looks but don’t want to handle maintenance, consider installing ceramic tile wood. It is highly durable, resistant to scratching and moisture. These will look amazing, especially in more traditional or rustic spaces, as a kitchen floor tile. It is also ideal as a bathroom or a tile with a shower floor where it would not be recommended to have a real hardwood. If you’re worried about the cold touch of porcelain tile, you can add radiant underfloor heating, and it’ll feel even more pleasant than real wood!

4. Go For Porcelain Floor Tiles

Porcelain is the best choice if you’re looking for a material that has strength, moisture resistance and versatile design. It is longer lasting than ceramic and comes in a wider variety of styles, colours and textures. Not all porcelain products are matched, and you must check each one’s specs.

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Read the buyer’s guide to selecting the best tiles for your home by AMIT GAIKWAD from goodhomes.co.in if you need more tips on choosing the best tiles.

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    I had no idea that there were air holes in tile and that the porosity level is used to determine how many. I can see why this would be important to be aware of when choosing the right flooring for your room. My sister is currently remodeling her house. I ll have to talk to her about what kind of floor she is wanting to put in.

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