Did you know there are different types of tiles? It’s ok, it wasn’t the first thought in my head when I started looking but it’s something you should definitely be aware of so that you know the pros and cons of each.Bathroom Tile Cape Town

1. Porcelain tiles

These are on the expensive side but porcelain is more durable than other clay tiles like ceramic tiles, therefore, less likely to chip and are better suited to heavy usage areas such as bathroom floors. Another big plus about porcelain is that there is a lot of design flexibility as well, so they can come in a range of colours, finishes, sizes, and styles. Your options are endless.

2. Marble tiles

Is there anything more timeless or stunning than marble? The answer is absolutely not! After all, who hasn’t heard of the beauty of Calacatta marble. However, it’s not the best choice when it comes to durability or your hip pocket. This is due to being a very soft stone (although if the source is closer to Italy or Greece = better the quality) that means it’s absorbent therefore not the best for floors and wet areas. For example, if you dye your hair, the dye could stain the marble, which is not ideal at all! Or even worse, as marble has an iron content, it can rust itself and discolour. So save this beautiful look for a less humid environment.

3. Ceramic tiles

These are made from the same material as porcelain but they are less finely ground, which means they aren’t as durable. But you can seal them correctly and it becomes a lot more durable.

4. Limestone tiles

For limestone to be used in a bathroom they need to be sealed extremely well as they are quite porous. If you want a soft natural look, you can’t do much better than limestone.

5. Slate tiles

Perfect for a high traffic zone, slate is nearly impossible to scratch or chip. As a natural stone, it’s quite costly but it won’t date from a design point of view and won’t need to be maintained too regularly. It’s a really great choice for a bathroom if you’re happy to use it.

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