Glass mosaic tiles are used for a variety of artistic elements including mosaic tables, backsplash work and artwork. Most mosaic tiles are found in the form of sheets with a mesh backing. You will be able to find many different colours and styles of mosaic tiles, with marble, stone and recycled glass demonstrating just a few of the possible materials they can be made out of. One of the more popular mosaic tiles for table and artwork design is glass tiles.Mosaic Tiles Johannesburg

Translucent Glass Marbles

Translucent glass marbles or gems are a popular choice for mosaic work. They are available in many different colours and are easy to work with. They are usually rounded but flattened to make application easy. They come in sheets or loose so that you can choose the kind needed for your particular project. They defiantly lend a different feel to the mosaic because of the smooth texture and shape associated with them. Translucent glass is not only available in the marble look but it is available in square and rectangular patterns as well. Many of these designs are used in mosaic style backsplashes or other interior tile work.

Stained Glass Tiles

Stained glass has dye added during the forming process. Sometimes it is very clear and translucent while other times the stained glass is lined with colour. Using stained glass as a mosaic tile is a good way to brighten up a design.

Recycled Glass Tiles

Recycled mosaic tiles are made from different broken glass objects and can include many different types of glass. Green glass from a soda bottle or amber glass from a bottle of ale, the possibilities for recycled glass mosaic tiles is endless. Broken ceramics also add a great element to glass mosaic projects.

Tumbled Stain Glass Tiles

Tumbled stain glass is a popular form of mosaic tile. It is pieces of mosaic tiles that have been tumbled together to remove many of the sharp edges associated with broken glass. This helps to reduce the chance of getting cut while creating your next mosaic masterpiece.

Van Gogh Glass Tiles

Van Gough glass tile is a mosaic glass that is painted with a metallic sheen on the back surface and then covered with black paint over the metallic sheen. This allows the smooth front portion of the glass to appear like a mirror finish with unusual depth. They are available in solid colour finishes as well as mixtures of the solid colour finish to add depth and design to your mosaic project.

Finding just the right glass mosaic tile for your project is a must. Some round, smooth edges might not fit into your design. Smaller more intricate pieces tend to fit better next to each other and can create a more detailed design. If you are creating a mosaic of an image, this type of tile is a good choice. If you want a more random design, you can choose any of the glass mosaic tiles that you like to work with.

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