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9 Tile Tips for a Better Bathroom

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Planning is crucial when selecting tile for your bathroom. Take a nice look at your bathroom before you begin. Is it large or small? Would you like dark materials in the bathroom or light tile? Are you OK with lots of cleaning or do you like to keep scrubbing to a minimum?

Here are 10 tips to keep in mind when choosing bathroom tile.

  1. Think Light Colors – Light coloured bathroom tile in the subway is currently an incredibly common house trend. In addition, the colours of white, off-white or light can make the room feel spacious. Be sure that the grout does not contrast too strongly with the tile  (i.e. white surface with black grout).
  2. Think Diagonal Bathroom Tile – If you have a bigger bathroom, tile can offer the illusion of a bigger space in a diagonal pattern. Believe it or not, you may be prepared to tile your bathroom floor without tearing it up.
  3. Grout Lines – Thinking mosaic bathroom tile?? You will have more rows of the grout. Using a grout coloured to match the colour of the tile is one way to minimize the grid-like impression mosaic tile can produce.
  4. Rule of Three – If you want to build a distinctive tile model, just stick to three parts that carry the same palate colour. Using more colours of the bathroom tile can distract the eye and also make it harder to place. Be cautious not to be too flashy about your bathroom tile.
  5. Think Upkeep – If you’re looking for a bathroom tile with little maintenance, think about porcelain or ceramic. Natural stone tiles involve more maintenance as they are more porous.
  6. Slip Factor – While the glass bathroom tile is beautiful and creates an excellent wall or accent tile, when moist it becomes highly slippery. Especially in bathrooms with a shower or bath, avoid glass tile on floors.
  7. Go Universal – Would you like a piece of bathroom tile that looks good for a long time? Here’s a hint: select a bigger neutral colour tile for the entire setup. This will not only be simpler to maintain, but it will also create the space look much larger.
  8. Pick a Single Accent Piece – Take a risk with a fun colour or pattern, but don’t go overboard. By choosing just one design or colour of bathroom tile as an accent. And it will give your bathroom a timeless look. Too many bold colours and patterns will compete with each other.
  9. More on Mosaic – When choosing mosaic bathroom tile, find one that offers at least 95% contact from the tile to the backer board. This contact is needed to keep the tile from slipping on the wall and glue often isn’t strong enough.
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