Perhaps the most classic of all the marble types, white marble has a special kind of value. It is known for being majestic and pure, although since it is white, it shows more imperfections. Sometimes, the imperfections are part of what’s sought after in order to have a completely unique piece of stone.Mosaic Tiles Cape Town

There are six popular types of white marble that can be used inside (or outside) of the home. Take a look:

Carrara Marble

This marble typically comes in a solid colour of white-grey. It’s a popular choice for kitchen backsplashes, fireplaces, or bathroom walls. It’s officially called Bianco Carrara, and it is unique because the veins are thin and feathery. It makes for one of the most popular types of marble countertops that you will find in any modern or grandiose kitchen.

Calacatta Marble

Named from its discovered location near Carrara, Italy, this is one of the most popular types of marble on the market. Its varying cracked patterns and grey veins make each slab a unique landscape that you can decorate your home with.

Mosaic Tiles Cape Town

Mystery White Marble

Mystery white marble is a pure, creamy white colour. It’s a good choice for homeowners who are looking to brighten the look of their home with lighter stone colours. There is not as much contrast between the veining and the background as much as the other whites.

Mystery White Marble

White Himalaya Marble

This marble hails from Greece. It is similar to Carrara marble, although it comes with a wider array of colors. For instance, you can find White Himalaya marble with strokes of purple, brown, and grey, against a stone white background. It is a popular option for floors, especially in bathrooms surrounding a bathtub.

White Himalaya Marble Mosaic Tiles Cape Town

Statuario Marble

A slightly darker type of white marble, this one is also quarried in Italy. It is identified by the sharp, dark grey veins that dart across the light grey background. It is called Statuario because it was this type of marble that was so highly sought after by sculptors interested in carving. It is a good choice for countertops or tiles.

Statuario Marble

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