What do you want to see when you walk through the door at the end of a busy day? Our guess is a cozy and inviting entrance hall that makes you breathe a sigh of relief as you cross the threshold into your home. But hallways must also be functional and as a constantly used thoroughfare and receptacle for muddy boots, wet umbrellas, pets and children, your hall puts up with a lot.Floor Tiles Cape Town

This is where tiles come in. Tiles are a practical and attractive choice for use in hallways and can look stunning in a variety of formats and materials, from porcelain to ceramic to natural stone. As hardwearing as they are attractive, tiles offer durability along with easy-clean characteristics. Tiles won’t be bothered by water, mud or a bit of rough treatment.

What’s the best type of tile for a hallway?

The types of tiles you choose depend very much on your style and maintenance requirements. Beautiful but porous products like natural stone flooring will need to be resealed periodically to protect them, so you would need to be willing to perform basic maintenance. Ceramic tiles are an excellent easy-clean option.

Porcelain tiles are also an extremely practical and cost-effective solution for hallway flooring – but be sure to check that your chosen design won’t become slippery when wet.

Patterned tiles vs neutral tiles

The decision to use brightly colored or patterned tiles in your hallway versus charming neutrals very much comes down to personal taste, though if you are feeling daring, a hallway could be the perfect place to use bold designs. As hallways don’t tend to be areas where you spend a lot of time, you can afford to use brighter or bolder flooring designs than you may otherwise opt for. Try and find a happy medium between pattern and color, and if you’re new to using graphic tiles, why not choose a striking pattern in a neutral shade? Offset bold tiles with neutral walls to keep the focus on the floor.

Patterned tiles vs neutral tiles

Neutral tiled flooring doesn’t have to be boring, with beautiful textured products like tumbled marble, limestone, slate and porcelain adding vibrancy of a different kind. Natural stone tiles feature naturally occurring colour variations that add interest and depth. Listen to your heart and, most importantly, pick a floor that you’re sure you can live with! Properly installed tiles last and last, so you’re guaranteed a warm welcome for many years to come.

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