A new revolutionary tile that encompasses an extremely innovative technology – ADVANCE®.

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We are thrilled to introduce a brand new technology on the market that is a ground-breaking invention for the pandemic we currently face.

ADVANCE® is the result of a cutting-edge formulation of a bio-compound incorporated during the initial creation phase, firing at over 1.200°C temperature. It has the capacity to fight all families of viruses (including the Coronavirus), bacteria and reduces air pollution by up to 20%.

The actions of ADVANCE® are intrinsic in the glazed surface and therefore endure for the entire life cycle of the product so they do not deteriorate or fade over time.

The TCNA (Tile Council of North America) have tested our new product collection, below is the main data achieved by ADVANCE® and for which TCNA has issued its certificates:

– 90% reduction of the viral activity on its surface within 15 minutes under normal light exposure and within 30 minutes in the dark.
– 100% reduction of the viral activity on its surface within 6 hours under normal light and 99% in 8 hours in the dark.

– 95% to 100% reduction under UV exposure within 8 hours and 93.4% to 97.2 % reduction in the dark.

– Reduction of NOx up to 20.7% in just 3 hours thanks to the photocatalytic action that is activated by natural light.

The new technology is available in the below ranges:

  • TIMELESS series. All colours in 24×150, 20×120 and 30×120.
  • TRIBECA series. Old Red & White colours only in 6×25.
  • VOLCANO series. All colours 30×60, 60×60 and 80×80.


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