There are many advantages that the use of tiles provides. The properties of ceramics give great value to the tiles. Among other advantages, we can highlight that porcelain tiles, for example, do not burn, are favourable for health, are hygienic, resistant and extremely easy to clean. Bathroom Wall Tile Cape Town

The ceramic of minimum thickness presents multiple advantages that can turn it into the favourite for different architectural projects, as much of new work as of reform or rehabilitation, in front of the tiles of traditional formats. Discover the reasons for using extra-fine ceramic tiles.

1. Savings in materials

The extra-fine ceramic tiles will guarantee a wide variety of possibilities since they will be useful both for totally new works, as well as for renovations, interiors or facades. In any project in which we use tiles of thin thickness, the investment made can be reduced significantly, if it is our desire.

This is because thin-ceramics allow over-tiling. When over-tiling, the need to remove and treat the ceramic is eliminated, through replacement. In short, you can change the design of an area, without wasting any space or material.

2. Less weight, less problems

Its very lightweight allows its transport and handling at the time of installation, is lighter. The decrease in weight, therefore, will make the expense in transfer also reduced.

However, this reduction in weight as a result of the thin thickness of the tile will not reduce the strength of the material, both in white paste and in porcelain stoneware, retains the intrinsic properties of the tiles: great resistance against scratching, changes in temperatures and the stains, as well as enormous ease of maintenance and hygiene.

3. Greater sustainability

The sustainability of extra-fine ceramic tiles is obvious. In fact, it offers greater sustainability than traditional ceramics. In which, the smaller the number of raw materials to be used, the lower the energy required to make the pieces.

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