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‘Attitude is our feeling’, a wide-ranging concept, to enhance the peculiarities of the product and the main values on which the Idea di Leonardo brand is based.

In continuity with the Endless and Overcome projects, Attitude boasts 100% GUARANTEED, a seal guaranteeing all technical products, obtained exclusively by mixing noble raw materials, without any digital decoration intervention on the surface, usable in any context and substantially eternal.

Made with a new technology studied, conceived and designed by our company, now patented, which is characterized by 3 main pluses: high aesthetic level, without any digital printing intervention; the ability to combine innumerable shapes, whether they are flakes or grains or other shapes, of small and large size with infinite colors.

A specific software manages all these variables at the same time, depending on the aesthetics that you intend to give to the product; the possibility of arranging the flakes and grains in a randomly perfect way on the surface, both in terms of dimensional mix and color.

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