For the flooring of their home, many families prefer porcelain tiles and walls for different purposes. First of all, porcelain tile floors are denser, waterproof and a more lasting choice that provides outstanding stain- and water-proof characteristics compared to ceramic tiles.Porcelain Tile Cape Town

These tiles are also perfect for comfortable indoor heating to maintain your feet warm and comfortable on cold evenings. And with its unparalleled versatility, porcelain tiles not only provide your house with practical and functional characteristics but also aesthetic improvements.

Benefits of Porcelain Tile:

Resistance to Wear and Tear

Porcelain tiles that are robust, compact and highly durable can resist most severe effect loads and can even be used for business reasons. The material can be regarded as a healthy thumb law with a PEI score of at least 5, making it suitable for most housing and business settings.

Liquid Resistance

Because porcelain tile surfaces are extremely compact, they are extremely resistant to liquid penetration relative to their porous counterparts in ceramics. And the tile can become completely impervious to water when treated with a melted glass gaze.

Stain Resistant

We all had that time when we spill a glass of wine or juice inadvertently onto a light carpet leaving it stained for existence. But it’s not just a carpet that can get scratched as natural rocks also need frequent drying to avoid even water leaving a place.

Since the flooring of porcelain tiles is virtually impenetrable, leaving a mark on its surface would be almost impossible for wine, water and any other liquid. So you can breathe a sigh of satisfaction the next moment you drop something on your floor realizing it’s made of porcelain.

Durable Flooring Option

Unlike other products such as laminate and wood, porcelain tiles are incredibly hard and highly durable to mould and swell even when subjected to moisture and various climate and surroundings. This means that for virtually any area in your home, whether in the bathroom, kitchen or patio and swimming pools, they can be used as flooring and wall coverings.


Porcelain can be heated to severe temperatures, which implies that they are fairly fireproof and in no ordinary situation will burn. The material also helps to avoid fires from growing and moving in the event of a flame breaking out.

Porcelain Tiles are Hygienic

Due to their non-porous characteristics, porcelain sheets have been used since the old Egyptians to provide a lasting, hygienic and simple to wash surface for both indoor and outdoor settings.

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