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Authentic – Portobello.

Each house has its own perfume, freshness, color, and texture. Bloomy represents the best feeling of being at home, when warmth flourishes, it emerges from the mix of choices that transform spaces into homes. Neutral and welcoming in tones and surfaces, sophisticated and elaborate in details, surprising in the specific touches for each application, Bloomy is a system to wrap floors and walls in an atmosphere that invites you to stay.

The essence of the material is a fusion between the delicacy of marble and the contemporaneity of cement, which comes in glossy, satin, textured versions for external areas, in addition to the unusual weave of fabric carved on the surface. Bloomy, to customize the whole house, to live in comfort and unpretentious sophistication. Available in 3 colors, Bloomy Off White, Bloomy Rope and Bloomy Fog, in nat, pol and ext finishes. Discover and fall in love.

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