Mix of limestones and clays used to make building blocks.

This finely ground mixture of natural elements, such as gypsum, silicates and minerals is transformed on contact with water, but maintains and reveals its origins on the surface. There are so many different shades trapped in this material that, today, it has become a symbol for modern excellence and is deliberately exposed in urban contexts as an element of indoor design.

If ground sedimentary rock and clay are mixed with sand and water, they form an extremely hard and compact adhesive substance, which has been used in the building trade since time-eternal to bond together bricks and stones. It is also used to create blocks that are fundamental for all load-bearing masonry constructions as they are the best way of supporting walls and foundations. It is this concept of the block as a solid and stable solution that has inspired Imola to design a new concrete version tile named Blox.

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