September is a month for South Africans to celebrate their heritage.

As we head towards Heritage Day, we bring you some sensational South African flag coloured tiles.

We start at the bottom of the flag with our patterned blue tile from the Let It Bee range. Lending a beautiful pop of colour to any space.

Green is a symbol of growth, harmony, wealth, and stability.

Get a look that symbolises exactly that with our Slash tile. Enhance your space by mixing the smooth and textured tiles.

Get the perfect bathroom wall tile that captivates your audience. The introduction of yellow tiles in a room creates a modern look and a lovely brightness.

Create a unique and funky look with our yellow Slash tile.

Create a chic, edgy look for your space with our black Stile tile. Elevate the dark, unique look by laying the tiles in a subway style.

Small red wall tiles are a spectacular way to introduce colour to a room. Our Shades tiles are available in a range of colours, styles, and shapes.

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