Ceramic tile is superior in many ways. It’s healthy, durable, has easy maintenance, and comes in styles to suit your personality and your demands. It’s simply the best flooring available.Tiles Cape Town

To fulfil the essential requirements of a kitchen or bathroom backsplash, ceramic tile is a natural choice. No other material can compete with the benefits of ceramic tile.

Moisture Resistance

Properly installed ceramic tile is water-resistant and can provide wall protection from stray splashes, boiling liquids on the stove, and condensation from steam.

While other products may claim to be water-resistant, non-ceramic surfaces often lack a method to keep residual moisture from hiding under the surface. Undetected moisture trapped behind materials (and that has no opportunity to dry) could create a dark, moist environment that is a breeding ground for mould.

Flame Resistance

Kitchen backsplashes often surround the stove or oven, meaning that flame exposure is a possibility. Ceramic tile won’t produce smoke, burn, melt, or give off toxic fumes when in contact with flames. While some plastic-based materials will melt when exposed to heat, ceramic tile is noncombustible and may reduce the spread of flames.

Low Maintenance

Ceramic tile has the following low-maintenance benefits:

  • Stain resistance: Splashes and spills are bound to end up on your backsplash and you can rest assured that they won’t stain your ceramic tile.
  • Easy cleaning: When messes do happen, wiping with water is usually all that’s necessary to clean your ceramic tile — no need to use harsh chemicals around food you’ll be consuming!
  • Scratch resistance: Daily activity in a kitchen and bathroom often involves small appliances, pots and pans, and utensils that can mar an unprotected surface. Ceramic tile is scratch-, dent-, and cut-resistant.
  • Mold and mildew resistance: Ceramic tile is naturally resistant to the growth of mould and mildew.

Versatile Style Options

With a limitless selection of design options, ceramic tile gives you the ability to custom design a unique look to reflect your individual style.

Because ceramic tile has the functionality to be installed as a backsplash and on ALL your kitchen and bathroom surfaces — the walls, counters, floor, shower, and even the ceiling — you can coordinate your look with a “family” of tile options. Choose a consistent style, or combine different designs that contrast with and complement one another.

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