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What is Cersaie?

Cersaie is a highly anticipated international expo for designers of ceramic and other surface coverings as well as bathroom furnishings.

The expo is open to architects, designers, retailers, contractors, installers, interior designers, and homeowners.

Some of our exclusive suppliers launched stunning new collections at the expo. Here is a look at their spectacular stands.


Imola bringing the vibes!
A sneak peak into the new ranges launched at CERSAIE. From patterned tiles, to marble, to stone, Imola show true luxury, class, and style.


The all-new LaFaenza tiles, released at the CERSAIE expo this year. Featuring some unique floral tiles, the ever-popular VIS, and some incredible luxury marble tiles.


A balance of form and beauty.
Leonardo launched its all-new Attitude tile, available in a range of different colours at the CERSAIE expo. A truly spectacular tile!