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Choosing the Best Tile Pattern For Your Space | Mosaic Tiles Cape Town

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You’ve designed space, the perfect array of colours have been chosen, now come the finishing touches. From a gallery wall to bright textiles to custom artwork, there are many ways to add an accent piece to your space. Call us biased, but here at TileSpace, we believe that custom mosaics and tile patterns are one of the best and most versatile ways to create a statement.Mosaic Tiles Cape Town

Tile has definitely made a resurgence in these past few years – meaning that there are many great options out there if you can sift through them all. With all of the great options on the market, how do you know which one is the right pattern for you? Below we’ve classified the most common designs into different categories that will make life a little easier when trying to come up with the ideal tile pattern for your project.

Abstract Tile Patterns

Abstract mosaics are one of the most versatile ways to add interest to your space. In bold colour palettes, they can be extremely energizing, making them perfect for high traffic areas. Because these designs demand such attention, they can often be found in public spaces such as parks, schools, and lobbies.
When rendered in softer hues, the free-flowing lines take on a calmer feel. Abstract patterns in light blues and greens are the perfect complement to pools and spas, enhancing the gentle reflections and movements of water.

Artistic Tile Patterns

Artistic patterns are also extremely versatile, though they have a more traditional feel than abstract designs. Though they can be integrated into a number of different settings, artistic patterns and designs are particularly suited for residential projects and public spaces.

Floral Tile Patterns

Floral tile patterns allow one to bring the outdoors, in. Though most floral patterns on the market tend to be more traditional, some floral patterns veer on the side of the abstract, producing a much more modern look.

Geometric Tile Patterns

For a refreshingly modern look, geometric tile patterns are a good choice. These designs rely on the infrastructure of the lines to create form throughout the mosaic, creating vibrant and eye-catching accent pieces. Lately, geometric tile patterns have gained popularity as kitchen backsplashes, as the bold designs can be a bit too “loud” for bedrooms and living spaces. For commercial projects, the bold look of geometric designs is used more freely to create modern statement pieces. In particular, many restaurants, cafes, and bars use geometric tile flooring as it is eye-catching, easy to clean, and suitable for high-traffic environments.

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