There is nothing quite as welcoming as warm bathroom tiles to walk on, on a cold winter’s day. This is exactly what is on offer to those with radiant heating installed in their homes, but in order to get the very most out of this investment, you need to make sure you have the correct floor tiles as well.Floor Tiles Cape Town

If you are considering having some kind of radiant heat system installed in your property, at Tilespace, we would recommend using any of the following types of flooring to get your bare feet toasty warm in the depths of the coldest season of the year.


Porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles both conduct heat very well, so they are a good choice to quickly and effectively transmit heat throughout your home. The added benefit to this type of flooring is that it doesn’t expand or contract with changes in temperature, so it won’t end up cracking over time.


As well as imitating the look of solid hardwood flooring without the associated cost, laminate flooring is great at radiating warmth. Much like porcelain tiles, laminate floor tiles won’t crack due to temperature variations.

Natural Stone

Sandstone, travertine and granite are just a few of the natural stone flooring choices that are just amazing at conducting heat. Far from being as cold as you what the word ‘stone’ suggests, the warm water flowing underneath makes it feel like you’re walking on a sun-drenched patio in August!

At Tilespace, we know more than a little about kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles and wall tiles and if you visit one of our tile shops located around Cape Town and Johannesburg, you’ll see what a huge array there is to choose from.

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