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How to Clean Ceramic Tile Countertops

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In kitchens and baths, tile countertops are common. Knowing how ceramic tile can be cleaned will assist you to maintain your tables healthy and look brand new. However, this is not just about aesthetics. Bacteria and microorganisms, which is a porous material, can get into the grout. Kitchen Wall Tiles Cape Town

This can render a kitchen counter unfit for meals and generally render a bathroom counter unhealthy. After every use, you should wipe your countertops so that you can get rid of most of the dirt and germs and avoid staining. But two or three times a year you should do a deep cleaning. Follow the tips on how to clean countertops for ceramic tile.

First, wash the countertop with a commercially prepared wall cleaner, or combine 1 ⅔ cup baking soda, 1⁄2 cup liquid soap, 1⁄2 cup water, 2 tablespoons of salt to create your own cleaner. This will remove the dirt of everyday life.

You’ll begin with the grout because it’s supposed to be the tile counter’s dirtiest component. Tile doesn’t easily stain,  but grout does. Spray the grout with a grout cleaner that is commercially ready. A gentle bleach remedy can also be used. When using these kinds of products, it is a good idea to wear gloves.

They involve powerful cleaning agents that may irritate your skin. Allow the cleaner to sit for 10 minutes for deep stains. Scrub the grout using a toothbrush or other tiny scrub brush. This is where a lot of the day-to-day mud accumulates and, often, mildew. Start at one corner of the counter and work your way through the surface, cleaning all lines of grout. Do not scrub the tile with the brush itself as it might scratch the surfaces.

Let the grout air dry, then seal with a commercial grout sealer. This will protect your grout from coming out and help it resist stains and dirt. The final step: use warm water to rinse the counter and grout. This will create a food-safe counter tile kitchen and a germ-free counter bathroom. Knowing how to clean ceramic tile will maintain beautiful and germ-free counters.

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