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How To Clean Tiles Correctly | Tiles For Sale Cape Town

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Spring has almost (sort of) sprung and for many of you, that means it’s time to give the house a thorough sprucing up – clearing away clutter, degreasing, vacuuming, polishing and shining throughout your abode. Tiles For Sale Cape Town

When it comes to cleaning your tiled surfaces however, there are a few things to bear in mind as different methods and products are required depending on the type of tile you’re cleaning. Fear not though intrepid spring cleaners as we’ve created this handy guide to help you achieve clean tiles in no time at all…

How To Clean Porcelain Tiles

Before You Start…

When cleaning any type of tile your first move should always be to remove any surface dust or debris. A quick sweep down or vacuuming should do the trick, however, it’s advisable to use a soft brush or dry mop on porcelain tiles as stiff bristles can occasionally damage the glaze.

Ditch The Chemicals

Porcelain tiles are subjected to intense heat during manufacture to fuse the various layers together and it’s this process that gives them their water-resistant qualities. Continued use of corrosive chemical cleaners that contain ammonia, bleach and/or acids can erode the surface layer of tiles, meaning that water absorption rates can increase. Similarly, corrosive chemicals can damage grout, leading to water ingress which will loosen the tiles, so avoid at all costs!

Make Those Porcelain Tiles Shine!

Most porcelain tiles can be cleaned sufficiently simply using warm water and a mop. Just slosh some of the wet stuff from your mop bucket onto the area to be cleaned (using a clean mop), apply a bit of elbow grease et voila! Clean porcelain tiles.

If the tiles are a bit grubbier than warm water alone can shift then try a little detergent mixed in with the water. Always take care to read the manufacturer’s instructions however – most everyday cleaning solutions are concentrated and will need diluting to make them less concentrated before use. Simply mop in the same way as described above and then after a couple of minutes, mop the areas again with clean, warm water to remove any detergent residue and prevent streaks and watermarks.

How To Clean Ceramic Tiles

Before You Start…

As with porcelain tiles, you must ensure you remove any loose dust, dirt and debris before beginning your clean-up operation. A swift run over with a vacuum cleaner should do the trick, or if the tiles are on a wall, a quick wipe down with a soft dry cloth (microfiber ones are particularly good for this).

Wet & Wild

Next, it’s time to get sploshing some water on them. Get a non-fibrous cloth and submerge it in some warm water before wringing out the excess. Be careful not to get your cloth or mop overly wet as you’ll just end up pushing water around the surface of the tiles for longer than is a necessary and expending effort that could be better put towards actually cleaning the tiles. Run your mop or cloth over the tiles, applying gentle pressure and making sure that you wring out the dirty water every now and then and repeat until you have covered the entire surface area.

Soap & Glory

If warm water alone is failing to shift a build-up of grime, you can add a splash of household detergent to your water to tackle that slightly tougher dirt. As with porcelain tiles, however, make sure you avoid harsh chemical cleaners as these can damage the glaze on the surface of the tiles over time. Steer clear of solutions containing ammonia, bleach and/or acids and you’ll be fine.

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