When your living space looks small, even minimal clutter – a newspaper on the coffee table, couch cushions, a standing floor lamp – can turn the room into a claustrophobic mess. While a number of elements – mirrors, lighting, windows and wall art – can work together to create the illusion of space, tiles tend to be underestimated when it comes to their space-opening potential.Floor Tiles Cape Town

Here’s a look at how wall and floor tiles can be utilised to turn a small space into one that looks and feels larger – and one you want to live in.

Opt for Light Colours

Utilise light tile colours and immediately the room will look bigger and brighter. Shades of white or soft-tone coloured tiles on the walls and flooring are more reflective than light-absorbing dark tiles, creating a sense of depth that leaves the room feeling more open and airy.

Create a Flow of Flooring

Whether it’s with porcelain or ceramic tiles, the same tiling pattern, uninterrupted from one area to the next will create the illusion of one large, comfortable living space – rather than a few small cramped spaces. This works particularly well in an adjoined lounge room and dining room, or in an adjoined kitchen and dining space.

Go For Different Shades of the Same Colour

By designating one light colour to a room and basing your choice of tiling or furniture on various shades of that colour, you’ll instantly create visual unity. For example, a popular choice is mixing different earthy shades of browns to create an overall organic and natural feel to the home. Using harmonious colours create a flow-on effect, making space look larger, brighter and more open.

Consider Stripes

With their optical illusion effect, striped tiles are a clever design for making a room appear longer. At InStyle Ceramics, we can orient the stripes to run the length of the room that is longest; this tricks the eye into seeing the instant length.

Go with Large Floor Tiles

We have a large variety of different-sized tiles at InStyle Ceramics, but if you’re looking to make a room look more spacious, we suggest going with larger-sized tiles. Why? The less grouting you see, the more spacious your flooring area will appear.

Paint the Wall Trim & Skirting Board a Lighter Shade

A handy trick that makes the walls look as though they are further back than they really are. Painting the moulding – where the wall meets the ceiling – a lighter shade than the wall and floor tiles has the same impact.

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