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Cozy alchemy

A wood look as comfortable as an embrace that also intercepts and transmits the vibrations of the most innovative trends. Elixir amplifies the sphere of natural wood-inspired ceramic design. It is an invitation to experience architectural space in complete harmony with yourself while relaxing in spontaneous, regenerating atmospheres.

Given our passion for ceramics and hard work, driven by our constant appetite for creativity, research and industrial innovation. We have a vocation for doing, while always remaining loyal to our unique and unmistakeable journey.

Our DNA is a combination of a sense of belonging, curiosity, fondness for our roots and a constant desire for renewal, all in equal parts. We want to discover and take inspiration from different experiences, customs and traditions. This is the story that drives us, year after year, to research, imagine, dare and create.

To achieve something that is beautiful, unique and contemporary every time. It is our story, solid, eclectic and unique for over 148 years.

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