Choosing tiles can be difficult and time-consuming, as before splurging on tiles you need to closely consider the general layout and room features. This is particularly true when you’re searching for indoor room tiles. For example, polished finishes are a no-go for open outdoor areas that will get very wet. You can’t just put any tile in any colour or finish. Tiles For Sale Cape Town


This may sound so simple, but it’s very essential to choose the correct colour. White tiles will rapidly indicate dust, which implies you’re going to spend more time cleaning than enjoying your indoor room. Light colour tiles are also highly reflective, which is why they function well in small rooms.

They allow light to bounce around the room, making it feel more open–but you don’t want the same outdoor impact as too much sunshine will change. Then you need to think about your lighter colours. Although black coats dirt more than white, because light colours carry heat, it may not be the finest choice for your indoor region.

This means that during the summer months the floor will get too hot and leave you walking with shoes on even if you don’t want to, otherwise you’ll burn your feet, which won’t be very pleasant.

Neutral colours like grey are a good option, as these colours allow sufficient light to bounce around without being reflective and do not absorb heat like black. Grey is also great for outdoor areas as it very well hides dirt and looks more natural in space than the other colours would.


Think about the size and shape: what do you want to accomplish with your look and feel? Would you like to look for a sleek modern look or a rustic look? Think about the overall colour scheme – how do you want the colour or pattern to influence the movement of the eye through space?

For example, a tile with linear lines will lead your eyes from one end of the room to the other, all flowing in the same direction. Once a colour scheme and style has been narrowed down, it won’t be too hard to choose a tile. Especially taking into account all the alternatives accessible.

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