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Authentic – Portobello.

Act in accordance with your nature. Free.dom brings, in its essence, boldness and encouragement of freedom. Freedom to be and to feel. Free.dom to create and recreate. Abundant in formats, in characteristic textures and in harmonic tones, the collection awakens spontaneous creativity, to the emotion of the compositions and to personal expression. Although it presents a set of pieces predominantly designed for outdoor spaces, Free.dom expands the possibilities of use and gives freedom for indoor applications.

Its soft and velvety touch, its minimalist esthetic and its fragmented surface – sometimes lighter, sometimes darker – legitimately recall the natural rusticity of Limestone in the most distinct formats. In its entirety, the highlight is Tact’s inventive and revolutionary technology which, despite its smooth finish, is free to use in and out. Free.dom is like this: freedom of possibilities, freedom of choices. It is an incentive to allow yourself and to go as far as your imagination can take you.

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