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Magnetic elegance.

Furniture trends open up to perspective horizons where attention to sustainability, the environment, essentiality and aesthetic research coexist to design living spaces where everyone can feel at ease. Architects and interior designers have defined the guidelines for the trends of the year, starting from the choice of colors and materials up to the preference for specific styles of furniture. Among these, the natural style returns to its more balanced essence, not shouted, for welcoming environments.

LaFaenza captures this stylistic input at its best, combining the sobriety of natural materials in a single collection with a delicate and elegant ceramic solution. A single concept made up of three specific guidelines: maximum realism and fidelity to the typical graphic signs of the stone; hinted minimalism, to give a softer connotation to the surface; a deliberately warm and enveloping chromatic range studied on the tones of beige and gray. An active research dialogue that finds in Gea a new ceramic proposal with a refinedly rustic trait.

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