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From a design perspective, glass mosaic tiles provide wonderful opportunities to play with colour, whether subdued neutrals or bold brights. Glass mosaic tiles offer so much variety today, you can really put your own stamp on a room.Mosaic Tiles Cape Town

But glass mosaic tile is more than just a pretty face. In terms of performance, livability, and hygiene, it offers an impervious surface that inhibits mould, mildew, and bacteria. And more good news: As demand and improvements in manufacturing have made the style options soar, they’ve also brought prices down. So how do you choose? Shop around, bring samples home, read our guide—and you’re on your way.

DIY or hire a pro?

A mesh backing or a paper front connect pieces to ease installation. But you may want to leave projects with lots of complex cuts, or installation in a wet area, to a tile setter.

Where to use it?

It’s popular for backsplashes and in bathrooms, but consider it anywhere you’d use another tile, from a fireplace front to an accent wall.

Will it hold up?

Drop a heavy object on it and it can crack, like ceramic or stone. But with care and proper installation, glass mosaic tile will last as long as you want it to.

Its lustrous beauty belies its more practical properties. But you do need to take care of where and how you place it


  • Whether translucent or opaque, glass mosaics catch and reflect light to brighten up space, and they marry well with other natural surfaces, including stone, ceramic, and wood.
  • Countless options for colour, shape, and surface texture let you create a standout effect even with just a little bit of tile, so you needn’t bust your budget. A kitchen backsplash or a simple border set into field tile in a bath will ramp up the glamour.
  • It’s impervious to moisture and unaffected by UV rays, so it won’t stain from spills or fade from exposure to detergent or sunlight. With a swipe of a damp cloth, it’s easy to maintain, too.


  • Like many other kinds of tile, it can break with heavy impact—if a cast-iron tub bumps into it on the way to being installed, say, or a pan bangs the kitchen backsplash.
  • Installation can be tricky. While a mesh backing or paper facing helps the mosaic tile stay evenly spaced, it can be a challenge to keep the many pieces aligned and to make precision cuts for outlets and other openings.
  • It’s pricier than some other options, like ceramic. If you’re covering a large area, skill and patience are required to achieve a seamless effect, so labour can be more costly.
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