Once in a while, it’s time to change some features in your home in order to give it a more fresh and trendy look. Although many may believe that bathrooms take a lot of time and money, because of the piping and delicate tile work, it doesn’t have to be so. Just changing the colour can do a lot and refresh your bathroom and you can even do it more often since it’s the simplest way possible to revive your space.Bathroom Tile Design Cape Town

If you want to try it out for yourself, here are some ways that will help you use colour to turn your bathroom into a modern area of your home.

The secrets of the colour wheel

The secret of good painting job in your home lies within the colour wheel. This is something that will make the decisions come easier and help you choose appropriate colours that will go well together.

For example, purple and yellow not only go together but will give your bathroom a sophisticated look. These two colours are complementary since they’re positioned across from each other on the colour wheel. Also, two colours next to each other are called analogous and they’re perfect for those who don’t want to use too many different shades.

The rule of three

There is a rule to use the three colours when you decide to paint your home. The same applies to the bathroom, and so choose one neutral, one rich and one accent colour. Don’t create a scheme where these colours are distributed equally, but rather use the ratio 70/20/10.

This means that the lightest should be spread on 70% of the surfaces, while the boldest one should use only 10%. Neutrals are colours that offer a lot of possibilities and with two more shades, they can turn your bathroom into warm and cosy or fun and energetic environment.

Paint the bathtub

It is an unusual thing to do, but painting your bathtub is doable and can add a lot to your decor. Leave the inner space of the tub white and paint its walls in a darker shade. Dark purple, green or navy looks great with the lighter bathrooms, especially those that receive a lot of natural light.

Paint it gold that will go well with the lighter and pastel blue you can use for the walls. It will give a serene and sophisticated look to your bathroom, with just enough amount of luxury. Doing this to your tub will make it a centrepiece of your bathroom, which is especially great for freestanding ones.

Use neutrals for balance

Neutral colours are great for giving balance to some bolder shades you want to use. No matter if you use that bold colour to paint the cabinets or mirror frame, a neutral tone will help it fit right in. For example, if you want to use a flamboyant pink, tone it down with creamy brown shades or light pastel green ones.

Remember that neutral colour here serves as the balance so plan it accordingly. Don’t paint the walls the bold shades and use neutral ones for the smaller surfaces. It will swallow up the decor and turn the room into one big pink scenery, as well as diminish the overall design.

Respect the decor of your home

The interior design of your bathroom doesn’t have to be the same as the rest of your home, but it shouldn’t be in clash with it also. You don’t have to use the same colours, but just find a way to connect your bathroom with your other living space. Using two neutral shades would be the safest way since that would fit right in with any combination.

However, if you want more colour in your bathroom, use the dominant colour in your home to paint certain details in your bathroom. This can include the sink area, several tiles of that shade or window frames.

Plan your colour scheme based on the expert advice and the effect you want. The colour combinations you use can direct the atmosphere in your bathroom, but all will certainly refresh its look.

Don’t be afraid to try some unconventional solutions like mixing purple and red. This may seem too much, but it’s all in the details and using the right shading techniques. After all, it’s important that you feel comfortable when soaking in your tub with a glass of wine and candlelight.

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