Do you ever think to yourself, what makes this brand of tile different to the next? Well, it’s simple, and we have the answers.

At Tilespace, we pride ourselves on quality.

A tile is so much more than just a tile. It is the feeling of the tile as you run your fingers along it, the experience you get when you walk on a tile, the quality in the detail on each of its faces.

These are the things that make a tile. Things that you can be sure to experience from Tilespace tiles.

Here are some close-up shots of our tiles, to show you what quality looks like:


Pool tiles set the tone for the outdoor escape you want to create. Bali-inspired Bliss or Lavish Luxury Resort.

Portobello’s Barlavento range are quality defined.


Barcelona’s Mesmerising Marble.

These marble tiles have been remastered into a one-of-a-kind, opulent basin that interior designers and homeowners dream of.


With inspiration from natural finishes, organic materials and textures, stone tiles bring a beautiful natural harmony to a room.

The feeling of these tiles is something spectacular to experience.


These Italian imported tiles, designed as a tribute to Sicily’s intense and unmistakable charm have a timeless finish and style. An experience like no other.

Hand-crafted ceramic clay tiles bring a room an attractive aesthetic.

This antique tile has an exceptional feel to its surface that will have you running your hands over it, day in and day out.

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