Living in Luxury with Tilespace

Luxury living is defined by a lifestyle that leaves every experience enveloping the senses in the most amazing way. The way things feel, look and the types of emotions they instil in you. If you are designing a luxury living space, you might consider the luxury essentials such as a gourmet kitchen, large entertaining area, spacious bathroom or a walk-in wardrobe that leaves nothing to be desired but luxury is not luxury until you’ve included luxury floors.

Luxe tiles are one of the biggest assets to making a space feel luxurious. You may be thinking – what makes a tile luxe?

Well, we have the answer!

Your floors are the foundation on which you build your dream home (literally). It is the first thing you consider as your flooring determines and guides what to put on top.

Here are some factors that make Tilespace tiles the ultimate luxury selection.

Luxury Tiles

Despite the undeniable style our tiles add to a room, the characteristics that show true opulence are the way the tiles feel, the detail in the facing designs and even the way the tiles sound when you walk on them.

One of our hottest trends: Large porcelain floors in dark velvety textures.

A true sign of class is the choice of porcelain tiles.

Our imported porcelain tiles are available in a variety of looks and formats, but one of the most elegant and grandiose is a marble-effect.

For a more natural luxury aesthetic, consider a hardwood look porcelain tile.

Regardless of your personal style, a dark brown wood-look tile brings a cozy feel to a traditional, luxury home. Or a light, almost white wood fits a contemporary home to perfection.

Once you’ve determined the tile that has the right look and feel for your luxury home, you will need to decide on the format and how you want it laid.

To keep your style ultra-opulent, vouch for large format tiles. These magnificent slabs present grandeur with minimal grout lines, making your floor or wall design seamless.

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