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You may not have been introduced to mosaic tile correctly. This type is not limited to the backsplash of your standard kitchen. There is plenty of artistic liberty to develop a custom feel in even the smallest baths. “Mosaics can be used to cover almost any surface, be it horizontal or vertical, adding style and character to the room,”Mosaic Tiles Cape Town

Mosaic tiles are more flexible than you might believe. It is often used as decorative art or as interior decoration, and there are endless possibilities. See five instances of how mosaic tile makes your small bath look large and enliven it easily.

  1. Create An Accent Wall – Paint is not the only way an accent wall can be created. Colourful, delicate mosaic tile provides a unique solution to make your bathroom brighter. In a small bath, typically, there is not much wall space to work with, so getting a little fancy with your accent wall on your wallet won’t be too hard. A white foundation, natural light, and mirrors will also assist create the room look bigger by playing tricks on the eyes.
  2. Build A Border or Backsplash – An efficient way to create a room look larger is a boundary or backsplash. It also adds style and a surprise element to your little bath. The continuous design keeps the eye busy as it moves from element to element. Cover small areas with expensive tiles or larger areas with less expensive tile styles in order to keep the project budget-friendly. A backsplash is versatile in that it can take up as much or as little space as you would like around your sink and vanity without looking strange.
  3. Stack Thin Rectangular Tiles Vertically – Make your ceiling look even higher by vertically stacking thin, rectangular tiles. Your tile’s design will have a lot to do with how small or large your bathroom looks to your eye. This unique tile layout captures your attention immediately and pulls your eye to travel both vertically and horizontally, making the room look larger.
  4. Use Large Patterns – Large models of tiles may occur at first sight as wallpaper. The distinction is that without the heavy price, mosaic tile ceilings have the attraction of luxury. In fact, the use of large tile patterns in a small space makes it appear larger because there are less distinguished grout joints, reducing the lines that appear to the eye.
  5. Choose Mirrored or Glass Tiles – If you’re looking to really disguise the size of your bathroom, then installing mirrored or glass tiles is for you. The reflective properties and shine will magnify your small bath with all the right features. For the ultimate small bath transformation, pair these tiles with white accents and large tile floors.

Tile is one of the most common and eye-catching products in your interior design. Your small bathroom is the perfect space for experimenting with various colours, patterns and materials. Use these suggestions to build your dreams ‘ tiny toilet and focus your focus on the room’s beauty.

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Mosaic Tiles Cape Town

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