Newsworthy Neutral

Neutral colours are forever and always will be a favourite in bathrooms. The natural tones produce a calm, inviting, clean feel and can be paired or amplified with almost any colour when choosing accents and accessories.

Minimalism doesn’t mean boring. You are able to say the most with the least when it comes to creating a minimalist space.

A perfect balance of neutral whites and earth tones provides a pretty contrast while allowing you to appreciate a room for all that it is. Your tiling can make or break a room, neutral palettes are a sure way to make it!

Neutral Vanities

Tiles are not the only way to bring neutral colours to a room in spectacular fashion.

Our vanities are available with different styles of handles to meet your design dreams. They are also available in a range of colours.

This beige vanity from Salgar brings a sophisticated and timeless feel to a bathroom. When paired with a patterned white tiled wall, the floating vanity stands out and becomes the focal feature in the room.

A wooden feature wall and our macchiato vanity from Salgar’s UniiQ range are a match made in bathroom heaven.

Neutral Tiles

A marble bathroom always creates an outstanding and memorable look.

We have a variety of neutral tones in marble-look tiles with unique veining patterns.

The neutral dark brown tiles have a warm tone with an earthy feel. Mixed with the light marble walls and vanity and you have magic!

Neutral colours benefit an interior in numerous ways. They help you experiment with textures, effects and accessories. They make selling a space easier as neutrals are an appealing, calming and everlasting trend.

Neutral colours are extremely versatile as they can be amplified with different colours and accents to make a room pop.

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