There’s simply no denying that the brick bond metro tile pattern has become a design classic. Equally, at home in traditional and contemporary environments, the glossy white brick is the epitome of chic (simply add grey grout for a touch of urban charm).Bathroom Tile Design Cape

However, the classic white metro has also become a victim of its own success, and you only need to perform one search to uncover more brick bond metro tile images than you could peruse in a lifetime. As variety is the spice of life, we’ve come up with some other ways to use metro tiles, along with other shapes, to inject a bit of life back into a classic tile trend.


As illustrated by the dusky pink Ulysses glass bevel tile, the humble metro tile benefits from an injection of colour as well as being laid out in line. This grid-like pattern creates a sense of order, whilst the beveled edge of the tile keeps the look interesting. This is a more contemporary way of using classic metro tiles with a more polished feel overall.


Brick tiles look fantastic when installed vertically, adding a touch of the unexpected, as shown by these Mattone Nero ceramic tiles. If placed in small areas, this can also help to add a sense of height as the eye is drawn upwards by the pattern. The dramatically dark shade of these tiles is a welcome to change to glossy white, providing a beautiful base and contrast to the Pearl Brickbond shell mosaics.

Try a different shape

If you fancy a change from the brick bond metro style, why not change the shape of your tile, rather than the pattern? Square field tiles can look great when offset and here’s the proof! Glossy, Eucalyptus tiles look just that little bit more interesting when laid differently. In some environments, tiles with a rustic edge add a certain charm, whilst an offset pattern can be more forgiving on walls that aren’t perfectly square.

Experiment with pattern

Brick and square field tiles lend themselves to experimentation, so if you fancy something a bit different, try laying them out and seeing which pattern you like best. Brick tiles look great in a chevron style, or you could try rotating your square tiles into a diamond layout for something really unexpected. There’s no right or wrong with this, so don’t be afraid to try things out.

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