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Yes, porcelain tile is one of the more durable garage floors that you can install in your home today and the toughest of all garage tile options – really! Porcelain Tile Cape Town

Some individuals have a difficult time accepting the fact that it can be such a resilient and long-lasting garage floor option for a variety of purposes, and some of which are very understandable.

If the idea of this type of flooring is new to you, you can learn about the many benefits of porcelain tile in our first article.


  1. WILL FLOOR JACKS DAMAGE PORCELAIN TILE? – This is by far the most popular issue. No, the tile will not be damaged or cracked by floor jacks. Installation is the key to this. It is important, when laying the individual tile, that each tile has a thin-set (mortar) applied to both the concrete floor and the back of the tile (back butter) before setting it. This ensures that under the tile there are no air pockets and offers a solid base. It is also important to ensure that all tiles are level and have no edges raised. This prevents a small edge of tile from being the only load-bearing source when using jacks or jack stands. It’s not uncommon at all to see porcelain tile used in mechanics garages and various automotive settings where jacks, lifts, and other heavy equipment are used.
  2. CAN PORCELAIN TILE BE USED IN COLD CLIMATES? – Yes. Because porcelain tile has an absorption rate of less than 0.05 percent, water that could cause harm if it freezes will not be absorbed. If your winters are traditionally freezing below and your garage is not heated, however, there are a few requirements that you must follow. The first is to use a thinset added to the mix using a latex additive. This makes the thin-set more flexible and able to resist the cycles of freezing/thawing through which a garage floor can pass. The second is sealing your grout or using a grout not requiring a sealer. This will prevent water or snow from flowing into the grout and under the tile causing it to pop up when water is refreezing. It also helps to prevent grout stains.
  3. WON’T PORCELAIN TILE BREAK EASILY IN A GARAGE? – No. It is very difficult to break or chip when porcelain tile is installed correctly without any voids or air pockets under the tile. The tile’s extreme density makes it so strong.
  4. WILL ROAD SALTS AND DEICING FLUIDS DAMAGE PORCELAIN? – No. Because porcelain tile is so dense and its absorption rate is so low, it will not be damaged by salts and deicing fluids. Therefore, porcelain tile is also extremely difficult to stain. One exception to this is polished porcelain which you would not want to use in a garage due to how slippery it would be – which leads us right into our next question.
  5. ISN’T PORCELAIN TILE TOO SLIPPERY FOR A GARAGE FLOOR? – No, it won’t be slippery if you purchase the tile with a higher coefficient of friction (C.O.F.) rating. Tile rated between .055 and .059 are generally considered equivalent to bare wet concrete. A rating of .060 and above is considered slip-resistant and meets or exceeds OSHA and ADA requirements for a wet surface. This is why it’s not uncommon to see porcelain tile used in entryways in commercial settings. It reduces the chance of slip fall accidents that could cause lawsuits.
  6. WILL WELDING DAMAGE PORCELAIN TILE? – Yes. Welding can lead to small burn marks on the surface of the tile which is extremely difficult to remove. In fact, welding will eventually damage any surface including concrete. A welding blanket should be used.


Hopefully, the answers to these popular questions have dispelled some of the myths about the durability of porcelain tile as a garage floor. If you still aren’t convinced, then porcelain probably is not for you. It’s important to be confident in your garage flooring of choice. If you are convinced, however, then you will be rewarded with years of service, durability, and good looks that will make your neighbours envious.

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