Porcelain is a ceramic class (including earthenware and pottery) and the similarity between porcelain tile and ceramic tile ends here. Ceramic and porcelain, as it turns out, are composed differently and act accordingly upon installation, but with only slight differences. The main difference is that porcelain tiles are more impermeable than ceramic tiles and are therefore less subject to water infiltration.

Porcelain tiles work well in high-traffic areas without ever losing their colour or design, and the colour goes straight through even if they chip so the chip is not as noticeable. Porcelain may be more fragile than ceramic tile, but it can be said to last a lifetime when placed on a floor or wall. Ceramics, however, offer a smoother look that works well with certain types of decoration.

Durability, longevity and water impermeability

Porcelain tile is considered to be a high grade of fine ceramic tile with higher durability, longevity, and a much more impervious nature to humidity. With stone tiles, porcelain can be used outside. Ceramics are less expensive and work well on walls and backsplashes and even floors as long as they are not outside and subject to variations in temperature and staining.


Porcelain tile doesn’t burn easily and these tiles can also restrict the movement of flames in the event of any fire accident. This is not the case with ceramics.

Flooring Cost

Generally speaking, ceramic tile is a more affordable option than porcelain, due to the materials surpassing the standard that increases the cost of porcelain tile installation. But as the porcelain tile is long-lasting and lasts for many years, it can be a good investment in flooring.

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