Mosaic tiles are decorative art forms on floors created through the assembly of small pieces of glass, tiles or natural stones. The art creates an attractive image on any room’s floors and walls. Most mosaics are small, flat, square and coloured pieces of glass or stone called tesserae.Mosaic Tiles Cape Town

Before using them in your living space, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of these tiles. The pros and cons discussed in the following section will help you make informed decisions about the flooring of mosaic tiles.


  1. When used in any room, mosaic tiles offer great visual flair and pop. To give an attractive and unique feature, the luminous nature of mirrored glass can be combined with lighting. In many visually attractive designs such as metallic shimmers and natural stones, these tiles are also available. Mosaic glass is a beautiful art of decorative imaging that is very useful in interior design. They can be used on the floors of the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. They brighten up any interior immediately.
  2. Mosaic tiles are long-lasting and easy to keep. They are chemical resistant, making them ideal for kitchen and bathroom flooring. As they don’t have the usual nooks and crannies, the glass tiles are also easy to clean. They are wiped with a soft towel and a mild detergent to remove any fat or stains. Sprinkling a solution of water and vinegar on it will leave it sparkling clean in just a few minutes if soap scum forms on the bathroom surface. There are also non-porous mosaic glass tiles. It doesn’t make any kind of mould or mild dew.
  3. The sheets of mosaic glass are ecologically sustainable. Compared to other traditional tiles, it utilizes less energy consumption to create a glass tile. It is also possible to recycle and reuse broken glass. It is also simple to replace a broken mosaic tile with a fresh one due to its disintegrated dimensions.
  4. Installation of mosaic floors is cheaper than traditional floors such as marble. Using mosaic will offer you value for cash as it is highly ornamental and durable.
  5. Lastly, for spaces with restricted room, the tiles are fantastic. In such cases, it is not possible to use a lot of colour or details. Mosaic flooring often contributes glam to such a space.


  1. One of the disadvantages of mosaic tiles is that they are made brittle by tiny size. To avoid breaking and cracking, you have to use them carefully. Sharp items often scratch the ground or break it.
  2. Mosaic tiles are probable to become moist and sticky on washroom surfaces such as toilets. To avoid accidents and injuries, it is necessary to apply a non-slip sealer to them.
  3. There are translucent mosaic tiles. The adhesives used and the wall behind them can be seen. You have to make sure that the paint colour and a soft adhesive application are similar to the wall. This produces no spots and air bubbles that are noticeable or irregular.

Mosaic Tiles

It counts a lot what kind of tiles you choose to floor your buildings. Mosaic tile surfaces create a style you’ll enjoy and use for years to come. The style is fantastic, mixing with different house topics.

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Mosaic Tiles Cape Town

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