If you are interested in buying tiles for your home, a renovation or any type of new construction, you have surely asked yourself the question, small format or large format? Frequently, when we are in the phase of choosing tiles, we tend to see ourselves highly undecided about what kind to choose.Mosaic Tiles Cape Town

Any type of porcelain tile will be the best choice, without any doubt, to pave any surface, interior or exterior. However, large-scale porcelain tiles offer a series of added benefits that you can benefit from if you choose them for your new interior decoration project.

As we pointed out at the beginning, there are many reasons that will make the balance lean towards large-format tiles because of the benefits they provide. Let’s see, the most important advantages that large-scale porcelain stoneware offers.

1. It provides a greater sense of spaciousness

In the same way that light colours provide the feeling of greater size to any room, the size or size of the tiles also directly affects the perception of the size of a room.

If you intend to visually extend an environment, that is to say, that gives the feeling of being larger than it is in reality, the most appropriate and recommended is to lean on large-scale porcelain tiles.

2. Offers a wide variety of uses

Large surfaces give way to a large number of innovative ideas regarding design since they offer a large number of uses. It is possible to use porcelain tiles for the design of bathrooms, kitchens, countertops, work tables, among many other ideas, due to its size, consistency and high technical performance.

3. Large formats are trend

Also, if you want to be up to date and follow the dictates of fashion, you should take note of the use of large porcelain formats. In them, you will find the answer to create spaces of great beauty and uniqueness.

With large-format tiles you can unify spaces and are easy to integrate with other types of porcelain stoneware such as hydraulic tiles that provide a more vintage touch, to design original and modern rooms.

4. More hygienic

And, last but not least: large-format tiles are more hygienic. You wonder why? With less together, there are fewer areas in which to store the dirt. Therefore, large-scale porcelain stoneware is in itself more hygienic, providing, at the same time, a faster and easier cleaning.

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