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Steps to Prep for Demolition – Kitchen Wall Tiles Cape Town

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How are you going to protect your home from demo debris and dust? Will your home’s heating system pick up the dust from this renovation and spread it through the house? Will you nick a water line and have to scramble for the main water shutoff?Kitchen Wall Tiles Cape Town

This article can help you prevent a potential disaster. Stack the odds in your favour, and learn how to cover the basics here.

Note: Prepping your home properly is important whether you plan to demo on your own or hire a pro. If you DIY, make sure you’re comfortable handling heavy demolition equipment — power tools use a lot of force — and have experience with demo work. Demolition is hard and physical, so make sure you’re fit for the job and comfortable handling any tool before using it. Use the proper safety equipment, and don’t hesitate to call a pro if you’re having trouble with this messy, noisy work.

1. Protect your floors.

It’s easy to forget about floor protection until the dirt, dust and tile pile up. We use the Ram Board to protect finished floors. Combined with a plastic tarp, it can keep debris from harming the finished flooring and dust from flying everywhere.

2. Take down art.

Any art hanging on a wall should be removed before demolition. Often the stress or vibration of removing tile from the backside of the wall can cause paintings to fall and glass to break.

3. Turn off the main water valve.

Shut off the water to the home before doing any demolition in case a wayward blow harms a water line. You should know where your main water shutoff is for your home or rental.

Turning off and removing old plumbing lines is part of any bathroom renovation. Make sure you understand the steps involved before tackling the job yourself.

4. Find the right tools.

Unlike a standard hammer, a framing hammer has straighter claws on the backside, which makes it a great pick-axe when flipped around. A carpenter’s hammer makes it impossible to strike on a wall — something you’ll need to do to chip tile off the wall. Make sure you do this using a full face mask, gloves, long sleeves and pants.

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