Made of kiln-fired clay, ceramic tiles and well known for their durability and strength. The term “porcelain” lacks a standard definition. Porcelain is a name for tiles made of light-coloured clay, high-quality tiles or tiles that have been classified as impervious.Porcelain Tile Cape Town

Regardless of which porcelain category your tiles fit in, the care and maintenance of them are the same. Proper maintenance extends your tile’s life and keeps it looking fresh.

  1. Seal unglazed tiles with a paint roller to make them more stain-resistant. Allow the sealer to dry as directed by the manufacturer, then apply a second coat. It is also necessary to seal the grout, which is naturally more prone to stains. This sealer must be periodically re-applied.
  2. Immediately after spills on the floor, wipe up using a white rag. Leaving the spill on the floor gives the porcelain the opportunity to absorb the liquid’s colour.
  3. Use a smooth bristle broom to sweep the tiles frequently to remove dust and debris. This prevents stains and scratches caused by the tile’s daily use.
  4. Mix 1 spoonful of detergent in 1 litre of warm water and remove soap scum, water spots and soil from the tiles. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water for hard water scum and apply the solution to remove the spot with a nylon scouring pad.
  5. Dip a white rag into the detergent and water cleaning mixture and dab it on the ground until the scuff marks lifted.
  6. Apply a combination of 1 cup of diluted chlorine bleach to mildew stains on the ground with 1 quarter of water. Immediately wipe off the mixture.
  7. Rinse the tiles after any type of cleaning with clear water. Leaving products for cleaning on the floor will make them look dirty and discolour the tiles.


  • Test the cleaning solution on a hidden area of tile before you clean the whole floor as porcelain tiles can assume the color of the cleaner.
  • Open windows and doors to the room for ventilation when cleaning with bleach or other chemicals.

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