Here at TileSpace, we make it our goal to help you find the best flooring choice for each room in your home. When it comes to bathrooms, many homeowners are looking to find the perfect balance between performance and design.Bathroom Tiles Cape Town

Today, our flooring team is here to share our thoughts on the best choices for bathrooms that provide excellent durability and water resistance, as well as beautiful design to enhance the visual appeal of your space.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

When it comes to bang for your buck, ceramic tile is a great choice for your bathroom. Ceramic is a time-tested tile that holds up incredibly well in spaces where water is a factor. Not only does it make a great floor covering, but it also excels as a backsplash or shower wall. These tiles also come in a variety of shapes and colours including luxurious hand-painted varieties that will boost the design of your bathroom.

For even more durability, consider porcelain tile, which is a subset of ceramic that’s even stronger and more water-resistant. With porcelain, you get the same great design benefits of ceramic tile, but the increased strength makes it a great choice for large format tiles over 12 inches in length or width. Keep in mind that ceramic might be a less expensive option that still provides you with the type of durability you need.

Natural Stone Tile

As its name suggests, this tile is made of natural materials such as slate or granite. While each natural stone will offer slightly different aesthetics and performance, you can be sure that the material you choose will last decades with proper care. Cost-wise, natural stone is typically more expensive than ceramic and porcelain. However, because they are stone, these tiles will hold up extremely well in your bathroom and look great while doing so! We also carry a great selection of marble tile, travertine, and many more!

Let Our Experts Help

When you’re ready to refresh the tile flooring in your bathroom, give TileSpace a call to schedule your free design consultation and estimate. Let us help take the stress out of the flooring process and help you find your new floors! Call today!

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