The beauty of grey is that it’s not too strong a colour, but it’s certainly not flavourless either. Grey can be anything from restful and serene to moody and Gothic, it can blend into the background providing a neutral background onto which you can inject some colour with bold soft furnishings and accessories, or it can be the main focus of the room.Tiles Cape Town

What this means is that grey floor and wall tiles can be used absolutely everywhere in your home that you want to inject some style. Be it the bathroom the bedroom or the living space, even the boot room can look super stylish with a surface of grey tiles.

So, what impact do the different shades create?

Dramatic and dark

With a darker shade of grey floor or wall tile, you get a dramatic and moody feel. This shade can easily be punctuated by bright, colourful furniture and accessories to add a little playfulness. Dark grey can make a room feel soothing on the senses. This makes it perfect for creating a space that is both relaxing and stylish, such as in the bedroom. Use dark grey tiles on the floor for a modern and moody space.

With a single hit of bold colour, you can inject a room with oodles of personality. Try using dark grey floor and wall tiles with bold citrusy shades such as yellow or spicy orange in the kitchen. In the bathroom think dark and dramatic while you bathe. Deep grey walls never fail to look striking especially against the whitest of white bathroom furniture. This combination looks fresh but sophisticated.

It takes courage to tile your living room walls a deep lead grey, but when you choose our Infinity and you combine it with good lighting, metallic touches and strongly-coloured furniture you can create a cool, modern colour scheme. Dark grey works well with a variety of different textures and layers. Go over the top when you’re accompanying grey wall and floor tiles with sumptuous textures that add depth. Mix in some tactile finishes such as velvety, tactile and plump pillows, and faux fur cushions and throws for the opulent look.

Perfectly pale

Brighter, light grey, is as equally chic as its darker, moodier sister but it looks good with almost every other colour in the spectrum. It is a refreshing alternative to white which makes it such a divine shade for interiors.

For a simple but effective scheme with a natural vibe in the living space. Team some pale grey metro tiles on a feature wall. Add in some pale wood furniture and some greenery for an organic feel. Alternatively, pale grey floor tiles, with pale painted furniture will keep the space from looking serious and will brighten up the scheme.

For a classic and bright look in the bathroom, try combining the glossy pale grey Tofino tile with a white floor tile. The brass fittings that accompany the tiles on this wall really help to create a subtle classy effect.


Grey looks good anywhere and in any combination of shade. For the ultimate grey, scheme try mixing with dark shades on flooring against a paler grey shade of tile on walls. This is a good scheme to follow in any room but you can personalise it with bold colour, texture and a variety of shades.

With so many grey walls and floor tiles to choose from you are certain to find the perfect shade for your décor. From inky slates to whispy almost-white silvers, the spectrum offers something for everyone to create an elegant and enviably stylish décor.

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