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THE TOP 7 Do’s and Don’ts of TILE – Tiles Cape Town

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Tile can be done well, and it can be done very badly. It has become increasingly popular and it is being used everywhere. With the addition of new and improved in-floor heating systems, we are finding porcelain tile being used all over basements, main floors, any room in your house. With the gorgeous designs nowadays, you can have a really unique tile.Tiles Cape Town

Recently we have been using tile in different layouts as well, which can create even more unique spaces. Below we are going to share some of the best tips to follow when choosing and installing tile in your home.

DO use small grout lines. Grout lines used to be really thick. I’m not sure why that was ever a thing, but when I install tile I want to see the tile! So DON’T uses thick grout lines. Always use the smallest possible. Now it depends on the tile, natural slate tile does have to have thicker grout lines, but besides the exceptions, chose the smallest!

DO DO use coordinating grout colours. Now there are a lot of exceptions to this rule, I even wrote a blog post about using different colours grout. It is a trend right now to take a simple plain white tile and use a dark contrasting grout. But besides this trend, it goes back to the first point. Do you want to look at your grout, or do you want to look at your tile? With a grout colour that is contrasting to the tile, your eyes will be drawn to that, in turn when you look at, let’s say your floors, you don’t see the tile, your eyes are drawn to the grout. When the grout colour blends into your tiles, you see the whole area. It looks nicer and more seamless. DON’T use contrasting grout, in most situations anyway.

DO go simple and elegant. Tile isn’t simple and inexpensive to change. So if you want to go with a timeless option DON’T use a busy or anything too decorative (ex. borders, inlays, accent tiles, busy mosaics) Now one thing I’m not a fan of mosaic tiles. To be more specific, finger tiles and small squares with a variety of textures. Frosted, glass, broken glass, different colours and tones, please don’t use it!! When in doubt, white subway tile! We all need that motto on a bracelet or something! Tile doesn’t have to be the feature of the room, your feature should be your granite countertops, or you beautiful cabinetry, or the huge marble slab floored!

DO use something unique in your small spaces. Subway tile is great but if you’re using that in every room of your house, you may get bored. In that case, pick either one or smaller rooms in your house to do something really cool and unique. This way if your sick of it in 5 years it is not a huge deal to replace. Rather than having your whole main floor in a unique tile that you would have to replace. I recommend using this in Laundry rooms, and powder rooms! DON’T use the same tile in every single room. Switch it up at least in one place. When you don’t do this, there is a point where your house looks bland. Their no distinguishing points. A lot of people will assume they have to use the same to keep the house more monochromatic and have it flow and match. NOT true! Having pops around your home of something unique will elevate the whole design of the home.

DO consider Texture. The texture of a tile is huge! Polished tiles, just like high gloss hardwood shows everything. Especially scratches. So it may look nice in your front entry for 2 months, but after your 4 kids and dog run in and out of it every day with sand and rock covered shoes, you will see the scratches. Matte is better for a high traffic area.

DON’T put polished tile in a shower. Anywhere you buy tile should tell you this. Polished tiles are much more slippy when wet, which can be dangerous. Textured and rough tile is always best in wet environments.

DON’T consider Layout. There are so many layouts you can use for the tile. You don’t have to settle for a regular stacked or brick lay. Now going with a trendy layout can be a fun way to add something unique to a plain tile. Taking your plain subway tile and placing it in a herringbone pattern can elevate the design.

DON’T consider Natural stone. I find many people weary about using a natural stone when there are so many options for porcelain and ceramic nowadays. But you will never beat the real thing. For one its timeless. Natural stone has been used for hundreds of years, it will always be in style. It will last forever! Once again, it has been used for hundreds of years, and it is still in immaculate condition. Natural tiles can be brought back to life with different buffing machines, the etching can be taken out of them, you can’t do that with a porcelain tile!

DON’T except to pay porcelain price. Natural tile is going to be more expensive. So having a full Carrera marble house will cost more than a porcelain tile, accept it, but if you decide to splurge, you won’t regret it!

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