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Tips for Choosing Shower Tile – Bathroom Tile Cape Town

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Many factors come into play in choosing the perfect shower tile, and often the shower’s design will dictate the type of tile that can or should be used. For example, if you love a curved shower bench, you will need to use a smaller tile. That might seem like an easy task, but remember, you need a tile that is suitable for floor and wall use.Bathroom Tile Cape Town

A little-known fact is that if you’re using glass tile or any sheet mosaic tile, it is up to the manufacturer or retailer to inform you if the tile is acceptable for submersion or pool use. Your shower floor should be built like it will be submerged. It is also the responsibility of the manufacturer of glass tile to specify the type of setting materials you need.

Keep reading for 4 more important things to keep in mind when choosing your shower tile.

1. Use smaller tiles on curves.

Depending on your shower bench design, you may need smaller tiles to handle the curves. Smaller tiles handle curves much better. By having the tile on-site before the shower’s bench is designed, the angle of the curves and natural arcs can be worked out.

2. Be careful when selecting mosaic tile.

Pick out a mosaic tile that offers at least 95 percent contact from the tile to the backer board. You need that contact from the wall to the tile! You don’t want to trust the glue on a sheet of tile.

3. Consider universal design.

Pick a large-format tile and a one-way slope for easy access to the shower if you plan to age in your home. Using one tile throughout the installation can also make the room look much bigger.

4. Keep cleaning in mind.

If you hate cleaning your shower, use larger slabs or glass panels, since they making cleaning much easier than small mosaic-type tiles.

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