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Top 5 Benefits of Porcelain Tiles in 2020 – Porcelain Tile Cape Town

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Many households prefer porcelain tiles for their home’s flooring and walls for various reasons. First, porcelain tile floors are denser, impermeable to moisture and are a more durable option that provides excellent stain and water-resistant properties compared to ceramic tiles. Furthermore, these tiles are ideal for cosy indoor-heating that will help keep your feet warm and comfy on cold mornings.Porcelain Tile Cape Town

What is the meaning of porcelain floor tiles?

Porcelain Tiles is a newer type of ceramic tile. It is made of finer, denser clay and is fired at higher temperatures. Porcelain tiles are also tougher, more resistant to scratches and stains than other types and more durable.

It can easily cope with heavy foot traffic in both residential and commercial locations. Porcelain is now becoming an increasingly popular flooring option and an ideal choice for tile flooring applications.

Which porcelain tile is best?

There are two basic types of porcelain tiles: glazed porcelain tiles and glazed porcelain tiles. Depending on your needs and your intended purpose, both types can offer you superb flooring and wall coverings.

  • Through bodied porcelain tiles – The porcelain tiles are naturally hard and dense through the body. They are made up of sand, clay and other natural minerals, making them hard inside and outside. Due to these inherent properties, they are best used for the construction of countertops, floors and wall coverings due to their distinctive styling and superb resistance to chips and scratches.

    And because they are less porous and non-slippery, they are also popular options for kitchen and bathroom floors and other areas where water spillage is common. These tiles are widely used for commercial and residential purposes all across the country.

  • Glazed porcelain tiles – Glazed porcelain tiles, meanwhile, are durable and watertight tiles that are common for their glossy and stain-resistant texture. The glazed tiles were mainly made of porcelain with a glaze coating added to the bottom. The tiles can provide the most beautiful colours and can help bring the best aesthetic and stylistic features out of your house.

    The majority of decorative tile displays and murals use glazed tiles because of their distinct beauty and appeal. While porcelain tiling is pretty durable, it’s not a popular option for commercial porcelain tile installation. They are often restricted to residential use only.

Here are the top benefits of porcelain tiles for outdoors:

Provides anti-slip safety

Many outdoor accidents are due to slippery tiles. You can install anti-slip porcelain tiles to prevent accidents from occurring. These tiles are ideal for balconies, terraces, stairways, pathways, patios and swimming pools.

Looks newer for longer

Porcelain exterior tiles are specifically designed to withstand a lot of foot traffic and other weights, such as furniture and other outdoor features Compared with other types of flooring, outdoor porcelain tiles are more resistant to wear scratches and stains, making them look newer for longer.

Ensures easier, neater installation

You can purchase up-to-date calibrated and rectified tiles to ensure a smooth, neat application. However, tiles can also be cut to fit any outdoor space, including different shaped patios and steps. And, no matter what your outdoor space looks like, you can add new, convenient porcelain tiles.

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