The right tiles in the bathroom make all the difference to your room’s look, allowing you to create a relaxing and beautiful space that truly reflects your personal style. Bathroom Tiles Cape Town

Here is a guide to 10 of the most popular designs of bathroom tiles to help you decide.


Porcelain is the ideal material to choose from if you want your bathroom tiles to last a long time. Porcelain can also be used to create beautiful effects, since it is available in a wide variety of colours and can also be made to look like wood or stone, offering a more durable alternative to either.

It is possible to achieve both matt and high-gloss effects to suit your personal taste. Porcelain comes at a cost, but it’s a worthwhile investment as it lasts for such a long time.


Ceramic tiles are constructed of the same ingredients as porcelain, but they are less finely ground. It makes it slightly less hard-wearing and water-resistant, but it is still one of the most robust tiling choices if properly sealed. Ceramic tiles are cost-effective and easy to maintain, and with a wide variety of colours and styles available, it enables you to create a luxurious look for less.


Marble is the ultimate tiling material when it comes to luxury. Subtle and beautiful, because of the colour veins running through its surface, it is ideal for adding texture to your bathroom design.

This classic stone works equally well with traditional as well as modern decoration schemes and is perfect to create feature elements in your bathroom. It needs to be handled carefully, and it’s an expensive choice, but it can’t be beaten for timeless style.


Mosaic tiles in the bathrooms are now extremely fashionable. They can be made of various materials for tiling, including ceramic, marble and glass. The tiles are small in size and can be pieced together in a large variety of colours and shapes to produce interesting results and designs.

Whether you’re selecting a mosaic for your bathroom floor, highlighting a specific wall, or creating a unique look throughout the house, mosaic tiles are the ideal way to inject your own style into space.

If you’re still undecided and would like more information about the various types of bathroom designs and tiles available, please contact our friendly team, and we’ll be happy to help.Bathroom Tiles Cape Town

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