Unique Tiles

By Nov 18, 2021 No Comments

“Being unique is better than being perfect”

Luckily the unique tiles we have are both perfect and distinctive.

If you are looking for a versatile design feature to complement the aesthetic of your space while elevating the overall look, we have the tiles for you!

Here we have this remarkable, map-like tile called Vibes. This tile is perfect for an accent wall or kitchen backsplash.

Fascinating Floral

A bathroom with a beautiful aesthetic completely changes ones mood. Here we see warmth being added to the room with an added unique flare from the patterned tile, complementing each other perfectly and creating a bathroom of dreams.

A striking floral large format tile creates a sense of exclusivity. When matched with complementary hues, the tiles are brought to life.

A touch of gold = A true testament to perfection.

Daring & Different

This is the ultimate statement of uniqueness.

Create a one of a kind look with The Room’s blue marbled, snake skin inspired tile.