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Vibes represent a return to the neutrality of stone.

Vibes represent the point of return to the neutrality of stone. On the one hand, the desire for nature is understood as the desire to create real spaces, starting with the materials that surround us every day: from furniture, to floors, to accessories. Preferring natural materials today, in addition to being an attention to the planet, has become a real trend for the interior designer who proposes the use of stones, wood, organic fibers or all those elements that originate from nature.

Among these, there is also the ceramic which, used since ancient times, is the result of the processing of clays, feldspar, sands, oxides and quartz which are all natural elements. On the other hand, the stylistic choice. After years of numbness, the stone effect returns strongly with the aim of creating unique environments, capable of interpreting with absolute fidelity the natural charm and stylistic strength of natural stones taken as a reference. Imola ideally brings these issues together and interprets them. The result is Vibes, a sort of fusion quartzite, faithful to its primordial essence, developed in neutral shades of intensity between light and medium in both warmer and colder colors.

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