Who is Imola?

Vital, warm, and contemporary.
Imola has a solid and durable product to satisfy any need for style.
Made in Imola means made with passion.
For 147 years.

lmola is a long-standing, exclusive flagship factory to Tilespace.

Imola collections we stock at Tilespace:


A journey back in time that inevitably stimulates a reflection on Italian taste. Design, food and art are part of our culture and nourish our collective imagination. The keyword that unites these elements is creativity. And it is this that has driven the Imola brand to look for new stimuli in contexts that are part of our daily experience. It is this fusion of flavour and colour that has led to the concept of Aroma.


Azuma is the embodiment of a new design philosophy inspired by Japan and its unique concept of space and residential design. Azuma is a ceramic product that represents a harmonious synthesis of industrial precision and craftsman-like care, solidity and lightness, carefully researched functionality, and aesthetic inspiration.


If ground sedimentary rock and clay are mixed with sand and water, they form an extremely hard and compact adhesive substance. It is also used to create blocks that are fundamental for all load-bearing masonry constructions as they are the best way of supporting walls and foundations. It is this concept of the block as a solid and stable solution that has inspired Imola to design a new concrete version tile named Blox.


A new material inspired by the sedimentary dolomitic rock from the Limestone family found in the Appalachian Mountains in North America. A stone with a rugged appeal that combines quartzite and porphyry and recalls the same subtle shades that appear in nature, from grey to brown to black.


There is no limit to creativity and inspiration can stem from anything. Even packaging! Who hasn’t tried popping those fun bubbles in bubble wrap? So, eureka! That’s the idea behind this collection: to create a decorative design element from something that is usually discarded after use. Bubble is an unusual, modern design solution for interior walls in both residential and public environments.

Cento Per Cento

A collection to mark a hundred years of tile making. One hundred years on from the start of tile production, Imola, brings you a collection that is retro in a modern way: Cento per cento. A collection that is a treat for the senses, 3D and inspiring. A fashionable collection, with a new take on an old look. Extensive range of colours: almond, dark grey, grey, champagne, aquamarine, yellow, brown, dove grey, purple, white.


The Latin name emphasises the creative origin of the collection. Genus, meaning seed, origin, new development. Most companies search for natural slabs that they can reproduce in their tiles. We take a different approach. Our inspiration comes from natural things that we then re-interpret “in our own way”, developing absolutely new features and tweaks, so that we can provide you with something unique and unparalleled.


Clay. An antique, ductile and multiform material that has been used throughout history for creating domestic objects and a wide variety of artistic creations that still has important connections with painting and sculpture today. Imola, who can count on over 145 years of ceramic culture, carry forward this creative idea on two levels: on one hand, a more industrial product and, on the other, a craft-based artifact. These worlds combine in a single concept of style and form.


Inspired by the gentle and discreet elegance of the 1960s, Icona is a small, rectangular 10×20 cm format tile collection in six pastel tones that interprets the mood and colours of Fellini’s Italy in a contemporary aesthetic focused on well-being and a new style of life.


Koala takes its inspiration from the prestigious forms of eucalyptus wood, a plant that grows principally in Australia, where for centuries it has been used to produce furniture and stylish and functional architectural features. Based on the quality of this material, Imola has designed a new project that stands out for its perfect wood effects, sharp graphics, delicate graining, and soft surfaces. All of which creates a unique sensation of sober and natural elegance.


Kuni’s great appeal lies in the extraordinarily warm and captivating look of wood blended with realistic and natural colours. A ‘wild’ appeal, made of surface knots and structures, which has been rendered a fully contemporary solution by the new, and previously unavailable, large format: 60×180 cm. With the 20×180 and 20×120 formats, Imola presents a project that lets you lay veritable wood-effect boards to achieve a well-worn finish.

Let it Bee

This design brings Carnaby Street and via Vittorio Veneto together in a previously inconceivable encounter between the Swinging Sixties and ceramics. This is the atmosphere that has inspired the creative concept behind ‘Let it bee’, an explosive ceramic collection and fashionable colour range that creates eye-openingly contemporary combinations of plain and half-moon and circle decorated tiles that add real character to strictly monochrome walls.


A perfect combination of natural inspiration and industrial technology. Its essence offers all the sensations of Limestone, a sedimentary rock with a strong, decisive, and unique character as it is slightly different every time the stone is split. The result is a new material with dynamic vibrant energy: a force that radiates out from the structure to its surface where it captures all the complexity of the stone’s different layers and facets as well as the beauty with which its subtle irregular veining reflects the light.

Micron 2.0

The new Micron 2.0 project uses the name of one of Imola’s bestsellers and reinterprets it in a contemporary perspective, to meet the needs of public or private architecture. Innovative technology, new fashionable colours and formats, amongst which also the extra-size 60×120 cm and 120×120 cm, are the main features of this resistant and lasting full body porcelain stoneware, ideal for exteriors, living and commercial spaces.


Muse is the most contemporary example of a fusion project that brings together the aesthetic qualities of stone and marble. This absolutely original technological project features two new solutions: a new well-worn surface finish called ‘patinated’ and the ‘open grain’ decoration. These terms refer to surfaces where the grain, as if cut from a single stone block, are specular and create different natural geometrical patterns.


Parade is a swirl of emotions, always different and yet always authentic: offering many hues united by complex technological processes used to mix the grains, continuing from the reference tradition. The result gives the effect of a random composition. Available in natural and polished versions and available in three different surface finishes: natural, smooth, and bush-hammered.


Shades has drawn its inspiration from the Mediterranean light, colours, and sensations that only that unique nature can evoke. The chromatic vibrations of Shades become veritable explosions of colours where the solar hues of beige, yellow, orange, and red mix with the marine colours of white, aquamarine, blue, and light blue to achieve bright, intense, and energetic surfaces.


Sicily is inspired by the sandstone that is found all over the island of Sicily. It is a sedimentary limestone that is particularly soft, averagely porous, and features a variety of different colours ranging from white to pale yellow. With this new ceramic project, Imola pays tribute to the intense and unmistakable character of Sicily, a unique island in which a savage and instinctive relationship with nature meets thousands of years of richly layered history and hybrid cultures.


Slash is a double-fired tile generated by a careful study of enamels and a special ‘color care’ research system that divides modern colours into ‘sparkling’ and ‘still’.There are four ‘Sparkling’ variants (yellow, apple green, turquoise, and red) for a bright and lively style; four neutral and delicate ‘Still’ shades (greige, ecru, sugar paper, and sage); plus a ninth colour, white, that brings the two spirits of the collection together perfectly.


Stile is a concept with a wide variety of applications, used in the field of arts and letters, as well as fashion, architecture, and industrial design. The set of lines and forms that identify it vary over the course of time, according to the geographical zone, often mixed with other instances and create new ones too. Observing the evolution in taste in the environment that surrounds us, Imola has perfected Stile, a new ceramic product with a sophisticated and contemporary taste.


Stoncrete is positioned in a multiple taste area that includes both stone and concrete, in order to meet different style requirements. The collection’s vast range makes it a solution that can adapt to a wide variety of residential and non-residential contexts as well as guaranteeing complete continuity between indoors and outdoors.

The Room

The Room is the perfect mix between the potential of ceramic slabs and the modernity of creative language and research. It is a wealth of four new proposals that interpret reference models from a variety of areas, differing in renown and how they are used. The Room consists of eight strongly differing “marbles” both in appearance and origin; a unique collection capable of satisfying the most sophisticated tastes, for top quality modern and original surroundings.


Tube absorbs and recreates the vibrations that make up the vital rhythms of the contemporary metropolis and all its endless experiences and hybrids. To capture this extraordinary level of intensity, Imola has created a new product with a distinctive metallic style that offers endless possibilities thanks to a wide range of formats, colours, finishes, and special pieces featuring iconic elements of contemporary urban culture.

Wood 1a4

1 to 4 is the proportion between the short and long side of the plank that this collection presents in one format only, 30×120 cm. The idea was to create a product with antique charm – wood – and a modern design – a wider, shorter plank – that could be laid evenly and not staggered. Wood 1 to 4 may look complicated, but it is really very simple. Offering four variants, classic colours and a substantially new format in a single collection means successfully satisfying more sales demands.

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