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Forza Dinamica.

It is the dynamic force of diagonals that has given rise to X-Rock. X underlines the innovative nature of the collection. Rock indicates its origin: rock, stone. This is the first stone design where what you see is not what you get. The surface appears to be angular, but in reality, it is soft. It seems to be a solid colour, but that is not the case. It looks like it doesn’t reflect, but if you walk on it, everything changes.

Using types of stone of Asian origin, the research was carried out as follows: the samples were stripped of colour to obtain a surface showing only the appearance that reveals the essence of the collection and not the surface colours. We then worked on these ‘colourless’ surfaces in two ways: bringing them up-to-date with modern colours, then inserting, at the original fissures in the stone, quartz and mineral pigments typical of the natural stone. Therefore, X-Rock is inspired by the stone, re-interpreting it in an unconventional way.

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