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Apart from the aesthetic value that a kitchen backsplash lends to its general surroundings, there is also a practical reason for it. A backsplash is there to shield the walls from the odd splash when you’re cooking. But it has a double benefit, in being the focal point in the kitchen when anyone enters through the threshold. As such, it lends definition to the area and is a customizable space which can be used to reflect your personal preferences, or in a word, your personality. Being choosy with the kitchen backsplash mosaic tile mural will be a big plus to your general design.Mosaic Tiles Johannesburg

A cooking space always deserves to be spiffed up with its fair share of beauty. Kitchens and their tile backsplashes are there to both shield and colour in an industrious area where all the cooking and bonding is relegated to. In a family set up, the kitchen is the one space where people tend to congregate, in being a shared space that, for a home that houses a family, is not private to anyone. It is also an area where people gather to dine as a family. And even if you’re a lone ranger who has subscribed to a bachelor lifestyle and enjoys his personal space, it still is a place that deserves that extra bit of customization with your choice for mosaic kitchen tiles.

The backsplash is a central point where the eyesight lands on when you enter a kitchen, like an open canvas.


There are no rules when it comes to choosing what tiles or materials you would like use for the backsplash. We do recommend installing something that inspires happiness, as positivity is always a winning card when it comes to being decorative. But that is a very subjective issue that changes from person to person, so there’s no point in trying to zone in on one standard. Bear in mind that the backsplash is a very central area that nobody, including yourself, will overlook, so it deserves to be given that extra bit of attention.

It always pays to be thematic with your choices, to inspire a sense of unity. The backsplash should agree wholeheartedly with its surrounding décor. Whether this is being applied to an area where you sit down to work, or you’re working your magic along the stairways or applying the finishing touches to the countertops, or even just focusing on the floor, it always pays to be tasteful with your choice of colours. Choosing your mosaic tiles appropriately will go a very long way.

When focusing on the kitchen backsplash, the close relationship between the colour and texture should always be cherished in this respect.

While there are no rules, we hope some of these ideas will serve to inspire you when you are put to the task.

Zoning in on your kitchen backsplash

While there is no shortage of materials to choose from, you can go anywhere from using glass, ceramic, marble, metal or even porcelain. But what will probably impress mostly on your decision is the budget you have to work with, and of course, the price factor. We can all dream big, but the price you can afford to cover will most definitely define what materials you’ll be able to use.

If you’re aiming to go cheap or stay within the lane of affordability, then porcelain or ceramic tiles should work a charm and are a standard choice. But if you have the budget to splurge a handsome amount than you can opt to use more attractive materials like marble or glass.

With the wonders of technology, we are at no shortage of materials to work with as even ceramic tiles can be designed to appear as a faux marble surface, or even a metal surface if that’s what you’re aiming for, assuming you’d like lavish effect but are choosing to stay budget with your choice of materials.

Once you’ve decided on the choice of materials, your next step is to zone in on an attractive design. That is a personal decision of course, and you could always refer to an experienced mosaicist, or get an expert opinion, to land on the perfect décor.

Mosaic tiles come in all shapes and sizes and while they can be sold in uniform shapes, they can also be assembled irregularly.

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